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Underwate Hockey in action

Welcome to the home page for the Minnesota Loons Underwater Hockey team. Here you will find information about the sport, the team and happenings in the underwater hockey community.

Underwater hockey is a fast moving game that quickly builds swimming and free diving capability. It is played on the bottom of a 6-8 feet swimming pool by two teams of six. Players wear fins, mask, snorkel, a protective glove and headgear (the same kind as for water polo). There is weighted puck that players attempt to move to their oppent's goal.

Underwater Hockey is the worlds only three-demensional sport. Players have to posstion themselves forward/backwards, side/side and of course as well surface to bottom. Timing is everything.

If you're interested in learning more about the sport check out the About UWH page. Practices are open so if you're invited to look at the calendar and join us for a practice. UWH is fun, fast, open to people of all ages and abilities, and all around a great time.

Recent Updates

Northern Attire


For anybody looking for custom UWH bags to hold fins, gear, towels and everything else look to our own Northern Attire

As seen at Nationals 2014 and by serious players at tournaments everywhere.

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Behold! The schedule!


Ok, you've asked and asked and asked, here is the schedule. Jump below, download it, stare in wonder and come back to read the explanations.

OK, back? Sufficiently confused? Good.

A division teams, you have a straight forward double round-robin and a six team bracket. Good luck.

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Captain's Meeting


The Captain's Meeting will be at 8:00 am in the upper lobby of the aquatic Center. Bellow are the rules that will be discussed at the meeting.

RULE #1 and #21 will be enforced!

Captain's Meeting Notes

Additional thanks to 3M for donations not mentioned in captains notes.

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In the past week Minnesota has been hit hard with heavy rains and our rivers are flowing fast and high. As such, mother nature has forced us to move Camporama from the beautiful submerged St. Croix beach to a location that is above water. The condiment bottles kept floating away at our original site.

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Socializing Locations (aka places to drink)


If you attended our tournaments in the past you know that Sally's was the bar/restaurant of choice. Sally's is being redeveloped and will not be opened in time. Therefore, we will be doing our "socializing" at four different establishments. Each evening will bring a new experience all within walking distance of the hotels. The establishments have been informed and are ready for us! You can eat at these places or explore other restaurants in the area, but later in the evening gather at the "socializing" locations.

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Light Rail Train Information (aka getting there)


If you attended our facility in the past and arrived by plane you took the light rail train to Minneapolis and then the hotel would pick you up. This year it will be easier. The Grand Opening of a new Green Line happened on June 14, 2014. The Green Line will take you to your hotel. Take the Blue Line from the airport and transfer to the Green Line in Minneapolis. All the directions are on the attached Light Rail Information. You can go to the web site to check out schedules.

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Teams, Schedule and more


Nationals are just around the corner and we will be posting information so keep checking the web page. Its official, we have 26 teams and a wide range of ages!!!

Here are the teams attending:

A Division – (Double Round Robin)
1 Cincinnati - GC
2 ColoradoA
3 LA
4 DC- N.B.S
5 San Diego
6 Atlanta Swordfish

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Camp-O-Rama Details


Camp-O-Rama for the 2014 Underwater Hockey Nationals will be held at the private cabin of Loon team member Kurt Allen, located on the St. Croix River 40 miles east of St. Paul. This location provides a chance to relax on a beautiful sand beach, hang out and talk with old friends, go sailing, waterskiing, or swimming.

A 22’ Sailboat and a ski boat will be available. Anyone travelling with a boat of any kind is welcome to bring it along.

If interested, please email Kurt at KurtA@Gjoll.com

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Shirt Design and Information


We are please to announced that we have finalized the shirt design and even lowered the price! Shirts will be made of dry whick material so they'll be cool and comfortable. Important for us Minnesotans up in the tundra here. Shirts are also available in short or long sleeve. Choices, choices.

The roster registration form has been updated to reflect the new shirt prices and is available here.

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Nationals Waiver


All players who will be participating in game play at US Nationals 2014 will need to complete both the USOA national waiver (https://www.usauwh.com/) and complete the Minnesota Waiver.

Minnesota Waivers should be mailed in with roster payment form. If not they should be mailed to Karen and Ben at the bellow address

Karen & Ben Erickson
991 Cottage Pl.
Shoreview, MN 55126

Download Waiver Here

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